Narrative Arc

Help! I need to find a narrative arc. I tend to write and then figure out what I wanted to say at a later stage. I really need to conquer this narrative arc deal and approach my writing differently. Maybe I’ll become a more interesting writer. You never know.

In the meantime, here’s a short video of Kurt Vonnegut talking about narrative arc.

Kurt Vonnegut




Bookity Books

I’ve revised my memoir, “Aventuras in Spain”.  I’ve also combined parts of “That Luscious Moment” with my short memoir about my car, “The Fabulously Fantastic Alfa Romeo”.

Working on other updates.

New Book

“That Luscious Moment” is now published on Amazon Kindle. It’s a fun memoir about expats living in Spain in 1981.

There’s Lanny, Cindy, Linda and other characters, all of whom are adapting to life as a foreigner. The ‘old’ Spain still lingers on as the country adapts to catching up with the rest of Europe.

Can you guess which character represents “Old Spain”?!